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Promotional products Computer Products

Office and Business technology

All the Promotional Computer Products below can have your logo printed or stitched on to them. The ranges offer many different ways of presenting your company and message in the form of a full complement of corporate gifts, promotional items, advertising products and promotional products. We are a major supplier of trade show give aways and promotional products. These Office and Business technology are just one of hundreds of marketing gifts we can supply at very competitive prices

Bluetooth Head Set

Bluetooth Head Set. This very modern Bluetooth headset has an operation range upto 10 metres, talking time 270 minutes and stand-by time up to 120 hours.  Bluetooth Head Set

From 34.08 Each

Bluetooth Head Set

Bluetooth Head Set. Wireless bluetooth connection with mobile phones. Operation range up to 10 metres. Talking time up to 4.5 hours and stand-by time up to 150 hours.  Bluetooth Head Set

From 25.15 Each

Computer Cleaning Set

Computer Cleaning Set. Computer vacuum cleaner, screen cleaner and CD cleaner in Nylon/PU pouch.  Computer Cleaning Set

From 8.63 Each

Computer Set

Computer Set. Microfibre case with mini optical mouse, 4 ports USB Hub, hands free Internet telephone and laptop light.  Computer Set

From 21.37 Each

Computer Set

Computer Set. Microfiber case with key pad calculator, 4 ports USB Hub, mini optical mouse and extension cord.  Computer Set

From 20.57 Each

Corporate Computer Set

Executive Computer Set. Imitation leather mouse and 4 ports hub. Including retractable cables to connect the items. Comes in imitation leather pouch.  Corporate Computer Set

From 42.27 Each

Eco Button

Eco Touch. Press once and save twice. It is time to press the green button. This power saver is the perfect tool to cut down your electricity bill and helps you save the environment by a simple press of the button and your computer will go automatically i  Eco Button

From 4.17 Each

Energy Saver

Energy Saver. Help the environment by saving energy. Save electricity by ensuring that your charger is only drawing electricity when your gadget needs it. This nifty item will ensure that your charger is turned off when your battery is full.  Energy Saver

From 25.12 Each

Glacier Computer Set I

Glacier Computer Set I. Glacier Laptop light, USB hub, extension cord and wired mini optical mouse in gift box.  Glacier Computer Set I

From 43.27 Each

Glacier Computer Set II

Glacier Computer Set II. Glacier wired mini optical mouse, laser pointer and ballpoint pen and a 1GB memory stick in gift box.  Glacier Computer Set II

From 37.63 Each

Personal Organizer

Personal Organizer. Jotter with calculator, pen and 30 pages or lined paper.  Personal Organizer

From 4.87 Each

Top Duster

Top Duster. The ideal desk item! By turning the top side of the tube, a wiper will appear to clean your screen. By turning the bottom side of the tube, a brush appears to clean your keyboard.  Top Duster

From 3.13 Each

USB Battery

USB Battery. This AA battery has a USB adaptor hidden under the positive end. It can be charged simply by connecting it to your PC.  USB Battery

From 4.97 Each

USB Data Exchanger

USB Data Exchanger. With this unique product you will never need a computer anymore to exchange your data, simply plug in your memory sticks and share your files. The different options for exchanging your data cover all MP3, JPG, DOC or MPG files.  USB Data Exchanger

From 29.80 Each

USB Mini Fan

USB Mini Fan. Cool down behind your desk. Includes 1 USB port.  USB Mini Fan

From 7.52 Each

Zero Computer Set

Zero Computer Set. A laser pointer with pen, mini computer mouse and 1GB memory stick  Zero Computer Set

From 26.70 Each

Promotional computer accessories make perfect business gifts and corporate gifts and provide a useful and lasting way of promoting your company and services.

We have a wide range of promotional computer accessories which will impress your customers such as promotional mousemats, promotional computer mice, promotional USB drives, promotional USB picture frames, promotional USB ports, promotional computer brushes, promotional USB desk fans and many more.

Our large range of promotional computer accessories can be personalised with your corporate logo and marketing slogan to makes impact on the your clients and contacts.

Our website does not show our entire range so please call us for more promotional computer accessories if you are struggling to find a suitable gift for your next promotion.

Computer accessories are very effective promotional products to include within a general portfolio of promotional items.Desktop gifts such as promotional computer accessories are very popular advertising gifts.